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Dectron DRY-O-TRON August 13, 2003
Absent Standards For Indoor Pool Rooms are Evident in Failed Residential HVAC System.

Odor infiltration to living areas and premature failure of dehumidifier point to poor HVAC design and pool chemical storage practices. .

Easton, Pa.- After only six years of operation, a $100,000 indoor pool became more of a liability than its intended function as an exercise and luxury addition to a $1 million residence. The homeowners experienced constant chemical odor infiltration to their living areas, plus the heart of the 30X8-foot vinyl liner lap pool's climate control system--the dehumidifier-was completely destroyed from corrosion.

A seemingly impossible situation was remedied with good engineering design, a new dehumidifier, and improved chemical storage practices.

Bryan Sandt of The Metz Company Inc., an Easton, Pa.-based HVAC manufacturer's rep firm oversaw the 900-square-foot indoor pool room's redesign. To replace the failed dehumidifier, Metz also supplied a Dectron Internationale, Roswell, Ga., heat recovering Dry-O-TronÒ DS-020. The unit not only dehumidifies to a comfortable 50-percent relative humidity, but also heats the pool water and air conditions the space. A special dual fuel boiler supplies hot water to an in-duct coil for space heating.

The original 2,000-cfm HVAC design included 250-cfm of outside air induction but had no counteractive exhaust. The resulting positive pressure of the pool enclosure pushed chemical laden odors into adjoining portions of the home even when the dividing doors were closed.

After measuring and calibrating air flow with a digital flow hood, the system was retrofitted with a Nutone, Cincinnati, Ohio, wall exhaust fan to reverse the positive flow to a negative pressure.

Storing chemicals in the same room as the equipment also led to the original dehumidifier's demise. The existing dehumidifier had corroded so badly internally in just six years that its mechanical parts had permanently seized.

Sandt instructed the homeowner and the pool service company to store pool chemicals in a separate area. He also recommended Dectron because its coils are factory-coated with corrosion-fighting HypoxyÒ and the cabinet is protected inside and out with a protective, baked epoxy paint.

Another reason Sandt specified Dectron was fast delivery. Whereas other brands require longer lead times, Dectron stocks dehumidifiers at its Niagara Falls, N.Y. facility and can deliver within one week. "We needed a dehumidifier fast, plus we fully expect this unit to last well over 20 years," said Sandt.

The homeowners had also complained about loud noises during the old dehumidifier's operation. Sandt discovered the original contractor had fabricated duct out of a very light gauge sheet metal, which leads to collapsing noises. Additionally, duct connections to the dehumidifier caused too much resistance and turbulence inside the connecting plenum box. To solve the problem, Sandt recommended the 26-gauge sheet metal be replaced with sturdier 20-gauge duct and a straight, limited resistance, three-foot-long run of duct that connects to the new Dry-O-Tron. All these precautions have eliminated banging and air noises previously heard with the old system.

The retrofit has transformed a previously uncomfortable space into the fitness and entertainment showcase the homeowner had originally intended it to be. Instead of an IAQ liability, the indoor pool is not only noise free, but odor infiltration into the home's main living areas has been eliminated.

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